Gishyan Ceramics

Pomegranate of Life

Pomegranate has a long journey as a symbol of fertility, abundance and love. It appeared in Jewish manuscripts and Greek mythology, Medieval painting and Indian ornaments, Shakespeare’s poetry and Picasso’s still life. Tracing its history back to the ancient Mediterranean and Persian civilizations, pomegranate did hardly influence any culture as deeply as Armenian, becoming an essential element of wedding rituals and decorative art. More at CSF International

CROATIA WEEK Making Croatia home

There has been a steady stream of foreigners who have made Croatia home in recent years. We meet one them who moved from Armenia five years ago.

Like a lot of people, it was love which brought Alina Gishyan to Croatia. Alina has been living for the past five years in between Duga Resa near Karlovac and Rovinj on the Istrian peninsula with her Croatian husband Tomislav.“I am in love with Croatian nature. I adore all the blue and turquoise colours of the Adriatic sea – the best is in Dalmatia. Those colours you can find in my works,” Alina tells us. More at Croatia Week


Alina Gishyan

Glagolitic script inspires me; it is similar to the Armenian alphabet, and it might have even originated in Armenia.

I would love for Croatia to use Glagolitic script because it expresses the true Croatian nation; it is strong and unique. Glagolitic is beautiful, rich, and deserves more attention. What connects our two nations is that we are the only ones with the three-layered interlace and stećci (medieval tombstones, խաչքար arm.), and I always like to emphasize that my compatriot opened the first coffeehouse in Croatia in Osijek in 1718, says Alina Gishyan. More at Glas Istre


In her ceramics, she uses the Glagolitic script

The famous quote by the legendary Pablo Picasso, 'Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life,' reminds us of the immense power that art can have in a person's life. Love brought Alina Gishyan to Croatia, and her skill in ceramics and adept use of motifs from Croatia and Armenia transcended borders. She shared with us the story of how it all began in an interview as part of the series 'Foreigners in Croatia' by Večernji list." More at Večernji List